Investment Management Advisory

Windham Advisory Services is a consultative service dedicated to supporting the world’s most sophisticated investors including institutions and registered investment advisors (RIAs).

Windham has established strategic research partnerships with many of the largest and most sophisticated institutional investors worldwide. Through these collaborations, we assist our partners in the following areas:

  • Asset allocation studies
  • Return and risk forecasts
  • Measurement and management of downside risk
  • Global factor analysis
  • Liquidity studies
  • Manager evaluation
  • Financial scenario analysis
  • Custom financial engineering studies

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Financial Technology Consulting

Windham offers custom technology solutions to be deployed within larger organizations. These solutions are tailored to deliver a wide range of investment applications, risk analysis, and analytical reports. Content delivered can be customized for each individual user. In addition, scripting tools are available to create large scale solutions through thousands of portfolios.

Our technology can be fully integrated into your existing enterprise platforms through:

  • Intranet web applications
  • Web services
  • API libraries
  • Matlab libraries

Alternatively, our technology can operate on a stand-alone basis, but scale across all users within your enterprise, in a Citrix/Terminal server environment or as a report and proposal generation engine.

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